The Hanssop brand starts with the dream of every girl. From the moment she puts on her mother's high heel shoes she feels “grown up”. With this idea in mind, Ingrid Domsdorf, owner, started the Hanssop brand. She believes it is important that young children develop self-esteem, self-confidence and a self-awareness. This goes for underwear, where they feel proud of themselves.

Hanssop is a delicacy of which you simply cannot get enough!

After many years of experience in ladies lingerie, Ingrid decided to start the Hanssop company. She is a real lingerie fanatic and searches the ultimate perfection for every article. Technically the underwear has a perfect fit, is easy to wash and is in the right colour. Every bow and ribbon matches perfectly the chosen colours and designs. The chosen fabrics are of the highest quality. Her good taste is recognized in the styling of articles, but also in her choice of the Hanssop distributors, Hanssop agents and the stores that sell the Hanssop collections. Everything matches, from the development of the article to the end product, it all has the unique taste of Hanssop.

Together with the Hanssop team that she attracted throughout the years, Ingrid has built Hanssop up to a commercially strong business from which we expect a lot in the coming years.

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