Hanssop more than a luxury brand for children. 

Hanssop is an experienced brand, we have been in business since 2000.  Our goal is to get closer to you, we would like people to get to know us better. Who we are, what moves us, how we work. We live in a globalized world, everything is at reach but at the same time communication is a real challenge.
Showing you our beautifully crafted products is only the first step of what we want to achieve. We want to take you on our journey, make you part of our family. We would like you to be able to feel the same passion we feel when we work at Hanssop.

Ingrid is our founder and CEO. She is a passionate woman, a hard worker, who truly inspires everybody around her. Her attention to detail is second to none. Ingrid is a mathematician and that seek for perfection can be seen in every garment. She can spend hours and hours in our ateliers in Portugal and Italy. She will not stop until things are just as she envisioned!

Our atelier team is so professional, kind, patient and skilled that Hanssop would not exist without them. In our premises, we use only natural fibers. The best quality combed cotton is used to produce our underwear and nightwear for children.
We search and buy the finest lace. Every bow or mother pearl button, every ruffle is sewn by hand, to create a very special piece every time again.
Hanssop's mission:
We create special products that 
make children happy.
We love beautiful things, travelling, dance, vintage cars, nice food.
Will you accompany us on our journey!?


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