Where do we meet our new Hanssop customers?

Monday June 12, 2023

In the whole world there is one leading children's fashion tradefair. International exclusive departmentstore buyers from all over the world investigate the new Childrenfashion Collections for Summer 2024 in Florence. Buyers from USA, Middele East and Europe, they all visit, analyse and select the new children Collections on thé iconic Pitti Bimbo Fair. This tradefair established in 1975, is the main start in the business of children's fashion for almost 50 years.

Hanssop is proud to be selected 20 years ago by the Pitt Bimbo comite. On the Pitti Bimbo tradefair we meet twice a year, present Hanssop clients and add new ones.

Coming week 21, 22 and 23 June 2023 we will present again our new graceful Hanssop Collection Summer 2024. If you are interested or want to make an appointment to see our new Hanssop Collection Summer 2024, we will be honored to hear from you.

As our main goal remains:

"Hanssop nightwear and underwear achieves sparkling children's eyes".

For any assistance, feel free to contact us at info@hanssop.com

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